Latest Jobs

Glenwood Academy
Glenwood, IL
Glenwood Academy
Glenwood, IL
Glenwood Academy
Glenwood, IL
Glenwood Academy
Glenwood, IL
Koniag Government Services
Washington, DC
Lincoln Financial Group
Tallahassee, FL
Reno Orthopedic Center
Reno, NV

Nationwide Jobs

Christian Art Gifts, Inc.
Bloomingdale, IL
Christian Art Gifts, Inc.
Bloomingdale, IL
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX
The Cambridge School of Dallas
Dallas, TX
The Village Presbyterian Church of Northbrook
Northbrook, IL
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX
Minneapolis, MN
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX

Career Tip of the Day


Many believers who are currently jobless are painfully aware that they don’t have wealth and riches in their houses. So who is this verse talking about? If we go to the beginning of the Psalm we’ll see that the answer is “the man who fears the Lord and obeys His commands.” We can be assured that when we aren’t experiencing the promises of God, the problem is not with God, it’s with us. Here’s the good news, though. While you're out of the workplace, you have a perfect opportunity to fix your problems once and for all. Now is the time to find disobedience in your life and ask for help to eliminate it. Then, as you walk in His plan and His will, wealth and riches will flow into your life; the blessing of the Lord that brings no sorrow with it.


  • I am blessed with all spiritual blessings and prosperous in every way because the Word says so.
  • By faith I receive revelation and correction so that my life might come into obedience to God.
  • I thank God for the wealth and riches He has already given to me and I believe that I receive them now, in Jesus’ name.

Word of the Day

Wealth and riches will be in his house, And his righteousness endures forever. (NKJV)

Psalm 112:3

By Barb Palmer, Employed for Life

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Leha Mckuhen

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Pray for my friend Kelly!

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Pray for my family strength and protection as we live on the streets in Alpharetta GA.

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Please pray for my healing and restoration.

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